Ride The East Wind Books

Book One: RIDE THE EAST WIND, A Novel by Private Payne

Part One: Kings Creek set in Lee County, Mississippi, during the days of The Great Depression, is written in our southern dialect painting pictures of the simple, yet fascinating and often humorous ways of the south. Bringing to mind the cunning adventures of Tom Sawyer and the morals of To Kill a Mocking Bird, the mystique of Kings Creek will unfold in scenes of sheer delight as Private Payne's boyhood days full of enchantment are brought to life.


Part Two: The Chocolate Bar Days highlight the occupation of Japan following World War II. Private Payne, a paratrooper in the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment shares with readers the excitement, intrigue, humor and romance of the occupation. Statesmen have written about the occupation. Private Payne is not a general; he is not an officer, nor is he a sergeant . . . you will experience the occupation of Japan as seen through the eyes of an army private.

About the author:

Overlooking Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa, Japan, in the beautiful Ryukyu Islands lies Rose Hill Plantation, home of Private Payne, the founder of businesses in Hawaii, Alaska and East Asia, whose philosophy has always been, "Win some, lose some; be sure to win more than you lose." Private Payne had and has many business ventures- a rollercoaster of enterprises in his East Asia career, learning early, "Don't make enemies- life is cheap in East Asia." He will have you riding shotgun with him through the dangers of business intrigue, graft and corruption. At the present time, Private Payne and his three sons own a chain of eleven restaurants and other businesses in Okinawa, Japan. He can be found at Rose Hill Plantation researching the many facets of his long love affair with the beauty, splendor and intrigue of East Asia as he completes the sequel, "THE WILD WILD EAST" privatepayne@glbb.jp

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